Top Halloween Costumes for Men 2013

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  • What are the top Halloween costumes for men in 2013? Men’s Halloween costumes are tricky, because unlike ladies, fellas can’t just add “slutty” to any given animal or vocation—cat, secretary, nurse, cop, etc.—and get something great. The top men’s Halloween costumes of 2013, or indeed any other year, need to be slightly more creative, or at least aligned with the cultural zeitgeist. Here are some suggestions for the top Halloween costumes for men in 2013. Many are picks from the good folks at Party City, and there are links to purchase each.

    Batman, The Dark Knight


    photo: Party City

    The first entry in this list of the top men’s Halloween costumes of 2013 is a no-brainer. Every dude loves Batman and has since he was a kid. Is it the cape? Maybe the gadgets? The secret identity? Deep down, every man wants to venture out late at night, kick some criminals’ asses, and then return to living the life of a billionaire playboy.


    bane costume

    (photo: Party City)

    Just like all guys want to be the hero, men are also turned on by the idea of being the bad guy. Bane is not only an awesome-looking villain, what with that thing strapped to his face, but he’s got that totally badass accent. For a sociopath, he’s so proper!


    thor costume

    (photo: Party City)

    Whether you’re into Norse mythology or Marvel Comics, the next one on our list of the top men’s Halloween costumes of 2013 is a surefire winner. Maybe the best thing about Thor? He swings a hammer. That means men get to live out both their superhero and carpenter fantasies.


    spiderman costume

    (photo: Party City)

    If this tally of the top Halloween costumes for men in 2013 is going to have Batman and Thor, it’s also got to have Spidey. Were this just a spandex suit, it’d be a little terrifying, but thankfully, it comes with built-in muscles, so you can go from string bean to beefcake in seconds flat, just like Peter Parker.

    Iron Man


    Tony Stark’s weapons-enhanced metal suit might be the coolest superhero invention of all time, and that explains why the Iron Man movies have done such tremendous box office. This one will be a top men’s Halloween costume for years to come.


    perseus costume

    (photo: Party City)

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