Use of Force to be Studied in DC Police Chase

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“Their main concern should have been trying to keep that vehicle from moving, and then exposing themselves only adds to the danger and lessens their options in the long run,” Drago said.

Authorities were investigating why Miriam Carey, who lived in Connecticut, turned up in Washington on Thursday. A search warrant application for Carey’s car seeks bullet fragments, maps or other documents pertaining to the White House, alcohol or drugs, “and/or evidence of a mechanical malfunction or lack thereof.”

A federal law enforcement official said Friday that her mental health appeared to be deteriorating in the last year and that she was apparently under the delusion the president was communicating with her. The official was briefed on the investigation but not authorized to discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Her family said she had been suffering from postpartum depression with psychosis but was not dangerous. Carey-Jones said her sister had been on medication for postpartum depression but was being taken off the drugs under medical supervision.

“They told her she could get off medication,” Carey-Jones said, adding, “There were no indications she was unstable.”

Valarie Carey questioned the characterizations of her sister’s mental health and said Miriam Carey “did not believe the president or any government official was going to do her harm.”

But interviews with some of those who knew the Stamford, Conn., woman suggested she was coming apart well before she loaded her daughter into the car for the 275-mile drive to Washington. She had suffered a head injury in a fall and had been fired as a dental hygienist about a year ago, her former employer said. Carey’s mother, Idella Carey, told ABC News that she began suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth in August 2012 and was hospitalized but had no history of violence.

After Carey rammed the barricades at the White House, police chased her down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol, where she was shot. At one point near the Capitol, police say, she stopped her car abruptly, drove over a median strip and put the vehicle into reverse and refused to stop. She was then shot.

Carey’s daughter escaped serious injury and was taken into protective custody. The woman’s family hasn’t identified the child’s father. Gainer said he hasn’t seen any indication officers knew the child was in the car when they fired.

“There’ll be lessons to be learned from this,” Gainer said. “There’ll be recommendations to be made about, ‘Could we have done this, or should we do that?’”

Carey’s death comes less than three weeks after a shooting rampage in Washington that also involved an apparently unstable person.

On Sept. 16, gunman Aaron Alexis shot and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard before being shot by police. Alexis, a defense industry employee and former Navy reservist, said in writings left behind that he was driven to kill by months of bombardment with electromagnetic waves.

(Photo: AP)

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13 thoughts on “Use of Force to be Studied in DC Police Chase

  1. It’s very easy to criticize something in hindsight but I actually think this was handled correctly. I rarely agree with police, but who knew what she was capable of?

  2. The tires of her auto could have been shot out to stop the vehicle. The truth of the matter is, for everyone here thinking it was justified: just like there’s written rules and unwritten rules and they ALL apply to African Americans, there’s an unwritten rule of a STK (Shoot to Kill) when it comes to African Americans, doesn’t matter if you’re man, woman or child.
    It’s time we stop living with our eyes wide shut!

  3. PLEASE!! Your sister was mentally ill. Stop being in DENIAL and deal with that. Most of us saw the video, they had no choice but to shoot her. If she had gotten through the barricades and caused harm to President Obama then everyone would have been complaining that the officers didn’t do enough to secure his safety. If you are within 100 feet of the White Houst and you pose any threat you are going to be KILLED! That’s just common sense. Yes I feel bad she lost her life but there was no other option for the officers and they should not be investigated or made to feel as if they didn’t follow proper protocal simply because her family is in denial about her illness.

  4. Once again we’ve got the “woulda, shoulda ,coulda” cry’s from family members
    Just like the Boston bomber the navy yard shooter the police didn’t know this women
    from Old Tom’s Cat if she had been a terrorist and set off a bomb killing hundreds
    people would have been criticizing the police for not stopping her

  5. Let’s see … a person with an infant in the car … driving wildly … threateningly … yeah, most of you would have shot the driver too … be honest.

  6. They gonna “study” the use of force…smh!! right just like they were going to look into the Martin case…whomp whomp whomp all the time. She didn’t deserve to die, she need mental help.

    • Oops, meant to say she “needed” help with her mental illness.

      RIP Miriam

      You didn’t deserve what happened to you beautiful angel. May God give your family, your daughter, and all continued strength.

    • You try to bust through a barricade at the White House and see if you don’t get shot too! Who knew she was crazy?? A tragedy, yes. Wrongful death, hell no. She was a car bomber or some other terrorist for all those agents knew. You don’t take a chance with the life of the POTUS.

      • I agree with you Sexy Leroy. That’s the White House and those guys were trained to shoot first and ask questions later. True it’s sad that this happened to her, but a car coming at you fast and furious warrant danger in my book. Even if they blew/shot out the tires, at the speed she was going, she was a goner.

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