On the Tom Joyner Morning Show we like to laugh, but our health is nothing to joke about.  It isn’t funny that our audience suffers from many health conditions that could be improved, controlled and even eliminated with proper nutrition, exercise and health care.

We all know that this is true.

But, it’s time to do something about it!

Everyone knows someone who REALLY needs to tend to their health  But they are either too scared, lazy or stubborn to make the effort.  The Tom Joyner “Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day” campaign encourages us to take time and compassion to help someone we love get the health attention they need.

At the TJMS we’re all about empowering our audience by directing them toward areas that make a positive difference.  “Take a Loved One to the Doctor” is a call to action that’s led to early detection of diseases and conditions causing people to change the way they live.  It’s gone from one day to a year-round campaign so we can get the message out earlier and push the message longer.  Each year we get testimonials of how “Take a Loved One to the Doctor” has raised awareness and in many cases indeed SAVED LIVES.

“Take a Loved One to the Doctor” is a consistent reminder for us to make being in good health a priority.  At the end of the day, people are much more likely to go vote, attend PTA meetings, get educated and just get out and do more in the community when they’re feeling good.   Nothing we try to accomplish through politics, entertainment, education or anything else matters more than us becoming healthier.  Living healthy, active lives has got to become a priority and it all starts with one visit to the doctor.

We know the statistics and now it’s time to lower them.  As African-Americans, we have higher rates of diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, stage 4 cancer.  Going to the doctor is the first step, but the follow through is just as important and that includes managing our conditions.  Companies like Walmart and Crest reach out to our community and make a difference.

Our friends at Walmart are committed to helping our community live better while keeping costs low.  These aren’t just words.  Check out some of the information on the website and you will understand why they and Crest Pro-Health are valued partners with “Take A Loved One to the Doctor.”

Be sure to check out the other health information on the website too because we’ve got to start making it a top priority to get regular check-ups every year in the African American community.  We have to start taking better care of ourselves and get a jump on the health issues that keep plaguing our people.  If you know someone that hasn’t been to the doctor in over a year, I’m asking you to go to their house, go to their job or go to their school – pick them up- make them call the doctor for an appointment and then drive them there.

Of all the promotions we’ve done in the past meant to help black people, this one is truly a lifesaver!


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