PM BUZZ: Rihanna Gets Men Arrested; DMX On ‘Dr. Phil’ ; Columbus Short Wants To Pull A Kanye West

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    Rihanna’s Instagram is often a source for racy photos, comments and drama, but this time, the “Stay” singer’s social media account is truly stirring up trouble. While in vacation in Phuket, Thailand, Rihanna tweet the photo above posing with a Loris (since removed) –a rare animal found in Thailand that is currently an endangered animal native to Southeast Asia.

    According to 

    Officials in Thailand quickly went on the defensive when outrage over Rihanna’s loris image spread.

    The government ordered the Ministry of Natural Resources and local Phuket officials to urgently investigate the matter, reported local website

    Sunday night, a raid on suspected touts led to the arrest of two men, aged 16 and 20, who were taken to a local police station and presented to the media.

    Rihanna apparently left the country without incident.

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