Matthew Flugence: ’6-Year-Old Ahlittia North Seduced Me Before I Killed Her’

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As previously reported by NewsOne‘s Jeff Mays, Flugence is the nephew of Ahlittia’s stepfather and often served as her babysitter and sometimes lived with the couple.

According to an autopsy conducted by the Jefferson Parish Coroners Office. The child had four stab wounds and bruising all over her body. The fatal wounds consisted of two very deep cuts on the side of the girl’s neck. The knife wounds were deep enough to pass through the cartilage in her spine and into her bone.

After her death, Ahlittia’s body was wrapped in her own comforter and discarded in a dumpster not far from where the little girl lived.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office charged Flugence with first-degree murder in the Ahlittia’s death. He also stands accused of the alleged sexual abuse of another 11-year-old Harvey girl, and was booked on an outstanding warrant for that crime.

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8 thoughts on “Matthew Flugence: ’6-Year-Old Ahlittia North Seduced Me Before I Killed Her’

  1. All child predators should be locked up for life or killed period……They are not redeemable, rehab-able, or worth time spent on them. The air they breath could be for a child whose life is saved if he/she was not taking up that space.

  2. I hope and pray that he is eligible for the death penalty they need to kill him bring him back to life and kill him again! Sick SOB

  3. What an evil, nasty SOB. What six year old baby even knows what sex is? Please lock this miscreant away never to see the light of day.

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