Former President Clinton Explains & Defends Affordable Care Act

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For uninsured and unemployed Americans or the citizens struggling to make ends meet, there have been concerns over how they would be covered under the law to which Clinton responded:

An uninsured person can log on to a national site,, or a state site and shop for the most-affordable appropriate policy. The prices, which include the discount for the tax credit, will be shown. And when a policy is ordered, the tax credit will actually be automatically sent by the government to the insurer, so there’s no other hassle for the person who is buying the insurance. You just pay what the computer screen says you owe.

To get this done, you do have to sign up on the state or federal website or at a designated call center between October 1st and March the 31st. That’s what’s about to happen. That’s what all these folks have been concerned about. That’s what they have been working on.

Clinton praised his home state for its public awareness campaign surrounding the Act, which other states have also done in preparing citizens for the changes to come. Still, bipartisan support of the law has come at a high political cost and Clinton wasn’t shy in mentioning some of the more troubling aspects of the act.

Modest income earners who are insured individually by their company but have uninsured family members will pay a penalty — as the law requires everyone to apply for coverage. Business owners with less than 50 employees do not have to provide health care even if they would like to. A tax credit provided by the government only covers a certain number of employees.

Lastly, Clinton hammered home that the Supreme Court supported the law after a review but gave states a right to refuse Medicaid expansion and the money that comes along with it. Many see this opposition as a Republican tactic of siding against President Barack Obama and also the conservative principle of less government involvement in the lives of Americans.

Consequently, Clinton ended his speech with, “The health of our people, the security and stability of our families, and the strength of our economy are all riding on getting health care reform right and doing it well. That means we have to do it together.”

Learn more about the Affordable Care Act here.


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