Ky. Students: They’d Rather Starve Than Eat First Lady’s ‘Vomit-Tasting’ Lunches

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The array of healthier food options are offered to students for free or reduced-prices. The stricter school lunch standards designed to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic, however, is reportedly becoming increasingly unpopular among some schools throughout the country, so some districts are considering severing ties with the program.

In fact, the School Nutrition Association found that 1 percent of 521 district nutrition directors surveyed over the summer planned to drop out of the program in the 2013-14 school year and 3.3 percent were considering putting the kibosh on the effort.

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4 thoughts on “Ky. Students: They’d Rather Starve Than Eat First Lady’s ‘Vomit-Tasting’ Lunches

  1. I do not believe kids should be allowed to dictate what they will or will not eat, but if they are wasting the food, then I think it is better if the district drops out of the program.
    At some of our schools, the program provides fruits and vegetables from local farms, but the majority of the fruits and veggies are rotten, mushy and tastes bad, and most of the uneaten food is thrown in the trash. This is upsetting to me, as I do not have kids yet I am paying increased taxes for this and other programs. Additionally, it is upsetting because the leaders of the program continue to order the food from the same farms!

  2. Sounds more to me like it’s the PARENTS have a problem with the First Lady, not the kids. But, hey, this is Kentucky we’re talking about so I’m really not surprised.

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