Brandy: ‘I’m Not Mad About South Africa’

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“I love Chardonnay,” she says. “Chardonnay is my alter ego. She is definitely a part of me. I will definitely go into that tone if need be.”

Brandy admits that her fiancée, music publisher Ryan Press,  could be on the receiving end of that  tone once in awhile.  They met at a recording studio, but Brandy says she’s happy he works behind the scenes.

The couple plan to get married next year, but haven’t set a date yet.

For Brandy’s upcoming performances and updates on her career, head to her official website. 

“I’m trying to map out all the wedding stuff. I didn’t realize how hard it was to plan a wedding even with a wedding planner.”

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One thought on “Brandy: ‘I’m Not Mad About South Africa’

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