VIDEO: Don Lemon and Russell Simmons Face Off on the Air

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  • CNN’s Don Lemon and music mogul Russell Simmons finally came face to face and discussed Lemon’s controversial critique of the black community, and Simmons’ reaction to it.

    Simmons previously wrote an open letter to Lemon, which Lemon responded to on the air. Now the two have finally hashed things out in an interview that aired Saturday.

    Their exchange of words began about a month ago when Lemon commented on Fox News host Bill O’Reilly‘s assessment of the black community.

    His assessment received a whirlwind of criticism including Simmons’, who sent out several tweets along with an open letter to Lemon. In response, Lemon welcomed Simmons to face him on the air.

    Not being one to back down, Simmons took the challenge and did the interview with Lemon to settle the score once and for all.

    He began by explaining his strong reaction to Lemon’s commentary.

    “Sometimes, if a black person that’s revered in the community that says something that’s — conservative, ” he explained, “and I think is part of a mindset that is hurtful to the community, people will say the problem with the black community — kids have their ass crack showing. The problem with the black community is they need education opportunities and need job opportunities. These realities are the ones we immediately to bring up and we are talking about uplifting our children.”

    Lemon countered by asking “When you want to improve something, where does the first place — where is the first place you look?”

    “Here,” Simmons said. “I look inside. When i want to improve — here is what I learned…”

    “No. this is too good,” Lemon interrupted. “Why didn’t you — why didn’t you write a letter that said — I understand what Don Lemon was saying? We need to take personal responsibility.”

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