Keyshia Cole Blames BET For Not Returning To Reality Show

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    R&B singer Keyshia Cole is known for always being honest and candid with her fans. She exemplifies that through her Twitter feed. Recently, she got a little too real on the social networking site. Cole revealed there won’t be another season of her hit BET reality show “Keyshia & daniel: Family First.” the reason is because she says BET hasn’t paid her or her husband, NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, for the first season of the show.

    Keyshia Cole has every right to say she isn’t returning to a show because she hasn’t been paid, but isn’t a little bit of bad business to air BET out like that when they are really the only channel that showcases the type of music she makes. Let’s keep it real, as famous and talented as Keyshia Cole is, she’s not considered mainstream artist so biting the hand that is supposed to feed you isn’t necessarily the best thing for business, right?


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    5 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Blames BET For Not Returning To Reality Show

    1. So in order to “showcase” her music, Keyshia has to shuffle & buck dance for BET? Who are those that made a determination she wasn’t a “mainstream artist?” It all boils down to “marketing.” Highlighting the fact that Boobie’s not being a breadwinner is a winning formula for emasculating the man. Then he has to carry around a can of whipping butt for everytime that somebody teases and calls him “Mr. Keyshia Cole.”

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    3. Unless Keyshia can find a way to rebrand and do a new image, she will continue to go downhill not to be heard from much again. I give it another year. She needs to SERIOUSLY do something to shake up her career. Boobie isn’t under contract, so he ain’t bringing in much bread these days. I believe I read that Nicki Minaj is trying to clean up her image. That is what Keyshia needs to do. Her publicist needs to tell her to STAY off of twitter and facebook. She talks to much and doesn’t think!!!

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