5 Reasons To Watch “The Rickey Smiley Show” On TV One

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  • The Rickey Smiley Show

    The Rickey Smiley Show” returns to TV One for season 2 tonight at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST, and there are so many reasons to watch this family friendly sitcom. Here are just 5…

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    Characters You Love: In the first season of “The Rickey Smiley Show,” the focus was on Rickey Smiley and his work and home life. But in season 2, characters like Bernice Jenkins and Lil’ Darrl who helped make Rickey Smiley famous, make frequent appearances on the show to give fans what they want.

    Focus On The Funny: Instead of story lines that appeal to your heart, season 2 of “The Rickey Smiley Show” will work your funny bone overtime since Rickey Smiley is best known for his comedy.

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    Behind The Scenes Team: Yes, Rickey Smiley is the star of his own sitcom. But this season he stepped into the role of a writer to help bring his concepts to the small screen. Another key figure who worked behind the scenes is writer, director and radio personality Russ Parr, who held it down as the Creative Consultant.

    Famous Faces: Rickey Smiley will be joined onscreen with a steady stream of guest stars like Porsha Stewart, Yolanda Adams and Creflo Dollar to help bring the funny to your Friday nights! Find out who else you’ll see on “The Rickey Smiley Show” right here.

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