5 Ways To Wear Your Bold Floral Shorts

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    Is it just me or are some of these trends super intimidating? I walk into a retailer and I see the cutest mannequin and I go, “I want that,” simply because I just don’t know where to start these days. Insert floral prints! It’s a trend I desperately want to fall in love with. I want to have my own pair of floral shorts to rock around the city at day parties and such, but I don’t want to appear as if I am channeling Blanche from Golden Girls (you may laugh, but that struggle is real)!

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    Lucky for me (and you), style bloggers like Christina Brown from LoveBrownSugar are here to save the day. Check out what makes Christina the style star she is and how she’s styling her fave pairs of floral shorts.

    If your style was a fashion magazine, which one would you be an why?

    I’d probably be Lucky Magazine. I have very practical sense of style. I aim for chic, trendy pieces but only splurge on staples. But you wouldn’t always know it because I try to look like I have expensive taste!

    3 tips for wearing floral shorts?

    1) Keep them as the statement piece and pair down with neutral separates so the look isn’t too busy 2) Have fun with them! Accessories, bright shoes, anything that adds a pop to your look without overpowering the print 3) Aim for a pair with a neutral base color like black or white. This opens so many more outfit options.

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