Jackson’s Mother Tearfully Concludes Testimony

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“Even though he asked for it, he could have said no,” she said of Murray.

Putnam also asked Katherine Jackson about her son’s payments to her over the years. She said he directly paid many of the expenses on her home and would occasionally give her cash as a gift.

Saying she didn’t keep track of the payments, Katherine Jackson appeared to being annoyed at the questions.

“What does this have to do with the death of my son,” she asked Putnam.

The attorney also asked her about conversations she had with her son about prescription drug use.

She said she asked him about it when he lived in Las Vegas and he denied he was abusing prescription medications.

“I’m a mother, quite naturally he denied it,” she said. “He wouldn’t want me to think that.”

She said she wasn’t surprised by his denial and likened the situation to a child who’d disobeyed his mother while playing outdoors.

Putnam said Jackson was a 50-year-old man at the time of his death. “He’s still my child,” Katherine Jackson said. “He’d still want me to hold his respect.”

She said she was aware her son took medications for pain in his back and scalp after he sustained injuries over his career. She said she never saw signs that her son was abusing medications, including when she and several of her children went to the singer’s Neverland Ranch in 2002 for an intervention.

Her son was fine but upset that they thought he had a problem, she said.

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