Time Off Request: The Pros & Cons Of Working While On Vacation

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  • working-vacationAs we continue to enjoy what’s left of the summer months of 2013, many of us will take time out of our work schedules to vacation. Whether it is with family for a reunion, or a girl’s trip to an island, our work calendars and duties on the job have to be planned strategically in order to be able to unplug and truly enjoy our time away. Though most of us would prefer and sometimes outright demand a vacation with no work distractions, many people are opting to keep the work phones nearby, check in with their bosses and review sales reports and other documents while sipping Mai Tais. Which are you?

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    Here are Five Pros and Cons when deciding whether or not to work on vacation.


    1) You display extreme dedication to your job and work responsibilities.

    2) There will not be millions of unanswered emails to return to.

    3) Getting a head-start on upcoming projects can ease upcoming stress.

    4) Your colleagues won’t be in limbo if they are waiting on correspondence from you in an effort to move forward with a task or project.

    5) You will not miss out on any new business opportunities that may come during this time of vacation.


    1) Personal time is interrupted.

    2) Your family and friends may resent not having your full attention.

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