New Cheerios Parody Tells Racist Haters To ‘Eat It’

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    Internet racists of all sorts came out of the woodworks after Cheerios released an ad featuring a bi-racial daughter with a White mother and Black father. The YouTube video, posted in late May, caused such a stir that the cereal brand was forced to disable the comment section.

    Well, the critics are snapping back now. In response to the controversy, comedy writer/producer Kenji created a Cheerios parody video with a bold messaged: “Eat it haters.”

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    In the 50-second clip, an equally adorable biracial girl has Black and White parents again, however both of them happen to be women.

    “Is it true that eating a healthy breakfast cereal like we do every morning is normal?” the little girl asks. “And in the year 2013, the way our family looks shouldn’t be such a big deal?”

    Her mother responds, “I say we have the God-given right to stuff our faces with whatever we want and with whomever we want–no matter what the haters say.”

    The spoof ends with a Black mother on the couch, instead of the Black dad from the original. She looks into the camera and says, “What? Now this is a problem?”

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