Mom With Two Children In Tow Tries Carjacking A Cab, Then Steals Nearby Pickup

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Kim also alleges that Evans seemingly had no regard for the safety of her two young toddlers, whom he says she was dragging around like luggage.

After the Kim incident, Evans reportedly then went across the street to a Chevron gas station where she spotted a pickup sans its owner. She allegedly started pulling out of the station with the vehicle, but the owner came running out and jumped on the truck’s hood. The unidentified man tried holding onto the truck as Evans pulled out of the station for about 2,000 feet but fell off. The vehicle’s owner was treated for minor injuries.

The cops were able to use GPS to locate the stolen truck, which was discovered on an interstate in nearby Carroll County. When officers reportedly spotted Evans and the stolen vehicle, they quickly gave chase. Evans wound up slamming into a police cruiser.  No one was injured.

Police officers arrested Evans and booked her on over 20 charges, including theft, reckless conduct, aggravated assault, cruelty to children, fleeing a police officer, speeding and reckless driving. The suspect’s two children were turned over to their father who lives in Roswell.

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