Put your dish detergent to work around the house in more ways than one with these practical uses:

1.    Clean your blender: Fill your blender partially with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Close the lid and blend for a few seconds. Rinse and allow to dry.
2.    Use a mixture of dish liquid and water for spring cleaning your home, including windows, patio furniture and more.
3.    Use a drop or two of dish liquid to pre-treat stained clothes before tossing in the washer.
4.    Prep your nails by soaking hands in a bowl of water and dish soap to soften cuticles and remove oil from the nail bed.
5.    Make homemade bubbles with water and dish detergent.
6.    Remove carpet stains by applying 1 teaspoon of dish soap directly on the stain. Rub water-filled sponge on stain until foam builds. Let stand for 10-15 minutes, scrub stain with damp, non-soapy sponge and dry.
7.    Need a cold gel pack? Fill a sealable bag with dish liquid and freeze. Use as an ice pack when needed.

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