No Butts: NJ Town to Vote on Boardwalk Ban on Saggy Pants

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  • WILDWOOD, N.J. (AP) — Leaders of a New Jersey shore town are looking to butt in on how people dress when they stroll the boardwalk, because they believe most visitors don’t want to see people’s rear ends hanging out.

    They’re is set to pass a law Wednesday to ban anyone on the boardwalk from wearing pants that sag more than 3 inches below the hips, exposing either skin or underwear.

    Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. said Wildwood, a popular beach town near the southern tip of the state, has been inundated with complaints from tourists upon whose money the city depends for its survival.

    “When you have good families who call you up and say, ‘I’ve been coming here 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and I’m not going to any longer because I’m not going to subject my children or my parents or grandparents to seeing some kid walk down the boardwalk with their butt hanging out,’ you have to do something,” he said.

    The proposed ordinance would also require shoes and shirts on the boardwalk, but it’s the saggy pants provision that has gained the most attention.

    Frank Krueger, of Gloucester City, and his wife, Denise, are all for it. They have been visiting Wildwood for decades. Together, they had spent about $80 on pizza and games of chance during two hours of strolling the boards on a recent day.

    “You want a family atmosphere here,” he said. “You don’t want to see someone walking around with their butt crack hanging out. On the beach is one thing, but not here on the boardwalk.”

    “It’s disgusting,” his wife added.

    John Peters was not sporting his pants quite that low Monday on the boardwalk. But they were still low enough that half his navy blue briefs were exposed. He had not heard of the proposed law but said he was unconcerned about it.

    “That’s not low, compared to some of the others,” he said of his pants.

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    5 thoughts on “No Butts: NJ Town to Vote on Boardwalk Ban on Saggy Pants

    1. never could understand why a young man would want to walk around looking like he was just served up in a prison shower…or wanting to be

    2. It takes laws and mainstream america to tell us how to dress!! Wow! And why would any Black man, some have nice butts…smile, want to wear pants like that anyway? It never made sense to me! Now they need to bann spitting, not just in Black community [that's nasty,disrespecting and worse]!!!!

    3. Good! That mess is tired and outdated anyway. Silly, immature azzes (pun intended)! Black men – raises your sons to be real men and represent in a way we can be proud

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