High Schooler Launches ‘It Is Not Okay,’ An Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

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Since this entire event, maybe two teachers have asked me if I am Okay. I feel alone. I feel angry. Believe it or not, I feel bad for Ashley. No one in the school brought us together to talk or to do mediation.

I am hurting. I feel alone and I need your help.

Instead of going inside her shell in this time of feeling alone, Imani is reaching out:

Please join me in my campaign to help the world know that IT IS NOT OKAY!

1. It is not okay to attack others through technology.

2. It is not okay to ignore, target and avoid communication with victims of Cyberbullying.

3. It is not okay to report one side of the story with cyberbullying. The real truth is that everyone becomes a victim. Media…this means you!

4. It is not okay to avoid mediation and face to face conversation when working through issues. Talking still works.

5. It is not okay to be silent. Silence is permission.

So I have decided to launch a campaign as an opportunity to heal. Join the movement to help others understand that IT IS NOT OKAY to avoid proactive, inclusive, socially responsible activities for ALL students, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Be a voice, don’t lose your voice. Together, we can all make a difference.

There’s something so endearing about Imani’s courage to speak out and reach out for support. What’s more heart string-tugging is the fact that Imani cares about what Ashley is going through. The natural reaction when you’re a victim of racist is anger. While Imani is angry, it’s not misplaced. There’s a lot we can learn from this teen turned activist and one of the major lessons is having a voice. Imani is using her voice to open up a dialogue about both sides of racism. Will you join her in this conversation?

Check out Imani Herring’s movement!

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