AUDIO: Papa John’s Employee’s Racist Voicemail Goes Viral

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  • Papa John’s pizza is doing some serious damage control after one of its employees was caught maligning a customer.

    The latest incident, which happened Sunday, involves a customer being disparaged with the N-word in Sanford, Florida.

    After delivering pizzas to the customer and his wife Sunday evening, the Papa John’s employee mistakenly “butt-dialed” the patron while talking to a fellow worker.

    In the resulting racist voicemail, which lasts about four minutes, he complains about his $5 tip and sings an “N-word”-centric version of the famous “Figaro” aria from the opera “The Barber of Seville.”

    (Listen to audio on page two. The rant begins at the 2:43 mark.)

    “I guess that’s the only requirement for being a [insert N-word] in Sanford,” he says as his fellow employee laughs. “Yeah, they give me five bucks there – fine outstanding African American gentleman of the community.”

    The customer posted a video of the voicemail on YouTube, saying that he and his wife paid “21 percent as usual.” The video ended with the camera panning down to a Papa John’s pizza box with CEO John Schnatter’s face on it. Schnatter issued a public apology on the chain’s Facebook page Monday.

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    12 thoughts on “AUDIO: Papa John’s Employee’s Racist Voicemail Goes Viral

    1. I find this very strange that a driver at work would be upset about a 5 dollar tip and just happen to be in Sanford and just happened to work for papa john’s one of the companys who’s ceo spoke out againt Obama care and just happened to butt dial his customer…..hmmmmm… is you know what I mean….I listened to Joe Madison rail against papa john so I know this company was on black power radio’s crosshairs

    2. That is the most upsetting thing I have heard in a while. This is why whites and black will never truly trust each other. Such ignorance, so unprofessional. I don’t think if I was a black person I could forgive this individual for a long while. He needs to go volunteer in a predominately black food kitchen and get to know some of the folks and their stories before he goes judging an entire race. I wouldn’t give them more than a 5.00 tip anyway.

    3. Simple proposition. FIRE both employees, clean house and let those with racial intentions go get another job. That Papa Johns environment of disrespect comes from the top down and that is WHY the pizza chain must be boycotted by the people they disrespect.

      In 2013 and ill-mannered uneducated fools acting like that? Shameful.

      • Did you not read page 2? Both employees were immediately FIRED. The CEO responded promptly once he was aware. Those ignorant (ex) employees are a product of both their parents, NOT from the CEO. These places are franchised and AT BEST that particular franchise needs to be boycotted, not the ENTIRE chain! Are you kidding me? It is so transparent that this behavior is not tolerated or preached within the policies and procedures of Papa John’s. Tell me, what more would the CEO have to do to remedy the idiotic actions of the LOWEST employees of this company?? I understand there is reason to be angry, I am too, but to shoot at the hip is not way to respond to anything. For the record, I stopped eating Papa John’s pizza almost a year ago. Mainly due to the CEO’s political views and his actions after Obamacare went into law. My boycott was warranted because of the TOP DOG not the LITTLE WEINER. People are so darn quick to boycott because of a $7.50 per hour employee!

    4. hi well well they must have a act for hiring the wrong people for a decent food chain. i hope this will change because the next time it will be the third time

    5. Wow that took my breath away. I wonder do they have some black friends as an accent piece. Yall know how they say they got that 1 black friend and I am not racist.

    6. Wow I guessif you are going to be an ignorant racist you better learn how to use your phone! What an idiot no telling what he would have said about me I would have never given his ignorant azz a 21% tip that was waaaaaay more than normal and this is what you get. I guess there is not much you can do about the ignorant people in this world especially those in Sanford Fl

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