D.C. Cop Claims He Was ‘Joking’ About Shooting Michelle Obama

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  • A D.C. police officer said he wasn’t seriously considering harming First Lady Michelle Obama and told a disciplinary hearing that he was only joking about shooting her.

    But how is threatening to shoot the first lady funny? Especially since the cop is responsible for escorting motorcades for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

    Christopher Picciano, a 17-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, “maintains that he made a sarcastic quip while inadvertently displaying an image of a gun on his smartphone,” according to his attorney.

    “There was no threat,” the attorney said. “The officer made a sarcastic comment in response to a question made to him.”

    So while Picciano claims this was all a big misunderstanding, one of Picciano’s colleagues, Office Leslie Clark, believed that Picciano planned to make good on his threat. The woman said Picciano showed her a picture of a gun, and, referring to Michelle Obama, said:

    “This is the gun I plan to do it with.”

    Clark said she waited several hours before reporting it because she feared retribution from fellow officers.

    Meanwhile, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said she’s taking Picciano’s situation seriously.

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    10 thoughts on “D.C. Cop Claims He Was ‘Joking’ About Shooting Michelle Obama

    1. These comments should not be taken lightly. What would happen if anyone, much less an officer who sworn to protect, would have made such a comment about Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, or even Nancy Reagan. His ass would be relieved of duty and he would be punished and penalized. Michelle Obama deserves the same respect! These racist bast#ards think they can say and do anything they want, and disrespect the President and First Lady because they’re Black. He’s needs to be dealt with in the highest manner and made an example of.

    2. As far as I’m concern. There is know excuse an officer of all people, can say that his comment and or joke to harm our first lady was just a joke. If a regular person did the same, the FBI would be all over it. Consequently, the officer needs to be
      relieved of his job, and taken care of by the FBI.

    3. Mighty funny thing if an American citizen talked against Dubya during the Bush/Cheney era, they were fired. This police officer that talked about killing MY First Lady and is still on the force?

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    5. This comment was made July 2012 and the punishment is desk duty? Totally unacceptable! An officer is to “serve and protect.” This officer’s “jokes” are neither service nor protection. I wonder how many more “jokes” he’s told over the years and where those “jokes” landed others. Jail, perhaps? Hmmm!

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