Prince: The Last Icon

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f you consider Lady Gaga the new Madonna and maybe, Usher and Chris Brown together as the sons of Michael Jackson, you realize that finding a contemporary version of Prince is a difficult task. There is no artist out now that has his combination of genre-defying music, his musicianship, his impact on pop culture and his productivity. Prince is his own genre and his own man that we won’t see the likes of come this way again. That is why he’s deserving of his Icon award and the devotion of his legion of fans. He’s an original. He’s a legend. He is now and always will be – Prince.

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13 thoughts on “Prince: The Last Icon

  1. The Best! Been a fan since 1980 and then went back and bought the first two albums on vinyl, 1978′s “For You” and the 1979 self entitled follow up. Been collecting his music ever since. I have about the first decade on vinyl and more on CD and MP3. Saw him in concert once and wish I could again. His talent is immense. Definitely a living legend. Can’t wait for the Billboard awards.

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  3. My appreciation of the music may had faded over the years, but I can’t deny his talent. I doubt I will see his kind again, in my lifetime.

  4. Did I just have to wipe my eyes! Yesssssssss! Love that man! I have always loved his music but didn’t get into him till Purple Rain. I was just a pre-teen and putting his posters on my wall (that one time with glue …oops!) was the highlight of any day. He is definitely in a class all by himself. Today’s artists are really lacking in substance. If they would get back to real musician and lyrical content with substance, music would be in a better state. Thanks for the reminder about Sunday. I already have my DVR set so I don’t miss anything. Prince Rogers Nelson is a LEGEND and an ICON…Well deserved!

  5. Yes, Yes, and Yes!!!!!! I’ve been a Prince fan since I was 12 and I would say he is the last Icon. Prince has always been unique in his own way, but if you are a true die hard Prince fan, you love him no matter what!!!!!! He is the last ICON!!!!!!!

  6. If you mean originality, longevity and staying power, then I would say yes, Prince is the last icon of this industry. Hands down…..

  7. Been a fan every since Soft And Wet. But sadly, the standard for quality music today is set so low that the likes of Lil Wayne, Kanye and that big baboon rapping about raping some girl after giving her a drug are what passes for and musicians artists. So sad.

  8. nothing more needs to be said ,there is no comparison to the artist that is prince.he defines what music should be.

  9. Prince is the G.O.A.T. I have had the pleasure of seeing him live on two occassions. I’ve followed him since ‘For You’. This icon award is well-deserved and it’s great that he thinks so as well because knowing Prince, if he didn’t appreciate it, he wouldn’t have been there to accept. Gotta love him!!! <3

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