Black Florida Family Comes Home To KKK Flier On Doorstep

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These are trying times in America were things have become upside down. Minorities are demanding more and more rights but cry racism when WHITES demand to set apart themselves from races and cultures that are not in agreement with there own. Minorities are demanding the removal of our Confederate Emblems and Heros as they replace them with there own communists minority figures.

Really, how many more parks and streets do we need named after the communists “MLK”. [sic] Why do our children have to be subjected to the public school systems calling these minority communists heros but yet call our ancestor a traitor and demonize them at every chance they get.  Look and see how many Pro Black and Hispanic organizations there is [sic] today. They are in the colleges, public schools, and our own government. It is time for WHITE WORKING AMERICANS TO WAKE UP!!

And about that whole world coming to a (White) end monologue:

 This country has turned its back on WHITE working americans [sic] and other races have been breeding at an alarming rate. Its said that the WHITE RACE will be a minority  by the year 2042. If we don’t take a stand it will come much sooner than that. The Fort Christmas Knights will not stand by and have the community of Christmas turn into what has happened to other areas  with the infestation of hispanics such as Union Park, Avalon Park, Bunkerhill, etc.  You see more and more billboards in spanish and business’s [sic] in the area, how much more are you going to take .  DO YOU JUST GIVE UP?     NO YOU TAKE A STAND!!!!!

Yes, of course.

This isn’t the first time the obsolete Fort Christmas Knights have attempted to get their message out. According to local authorities, the ever-diminishing group also handed their fliers out about two weeks ago in the town of Christmas.

Either way, the affected family says they aren’t going to let the KKK’s rusty antics drive them away, “It’s really concerning. But the other side of me knows I’m not going to let them run me off.”

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