COMMENTARY: Tiki Barber Dumped Pregnant Wife and Now Asks: Why Don’t People Like Me?

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Barber met Johnson while he was working as an NBC Sports broadcaster and outraged friends told The New York Post that Barber and Johnson were sneaking around together in Senegal, West Africa for a travel documentary while Barber’s wife was three months pregnant.

But in January, Barber told The Virginian-Pilot that media stories about him were distorted and inaccurate.

“The stories… are unbelievably distorted,” Barber said. “Traci was an intern, but we weren’t together until three years after she was an intern…. The folks at CBS, they know me personally, and they can see past the perception. I met Traci when I was separated in 2007…. I got back together with my wife, then we got separated again. Four months later, three months later, I was fully moved in with Traci.”

Today, Barber says his personal life is now on the right path.

“Things settled down, really, after I got divorced,” Barber said. “A lot of acrimony in my life was a result of litigation going on, and so once that happened, I was able to take a breath again.”

Barber is now co-hosting a morning show for the CBS Radio Network and he’s using his new platform to talk about his own negative image. But I’m still not convinced that Barber is asking his controversial question for the right reasons.

Does Tiki want to make amends for his high-profile transgressions? Is he really trying to address his emotional well-being? Or he is simply trying to use this sensational topic as a way to reclaim the spotlight after losing his big-money job as a sportscaster three years ago?

In his 2007 memoir, “Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond,” Barber described the example he wants to set for his children.

“I want to be an honorable man, because that’s what I want them both to be,” Barber wrote. “My family is everything to me.”


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7 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Tiki Barber Dumped Pregnant Wife and Now Asks: Why Don’t People Like Me?

  1. I don’t like you Tiki because you are a Coward, you are not a man ,to walk away from a beautiful pregnant wife. shame on you.

  2. Tiki, I am happy to answer your question. You are such an animal that you can’t control yourself enough to wait ONE MONTH for your twins to be born and experience their birth. Animals can’t control themselves. Normal human beings can. You not only left your unborn children, but you left two others who you felt were not important enough to stay and raise. Then you tried to get out of paying child support after all you’ve put your wife, now ex wife, through. Let’s not forget how you trashed Eli Manning and the Giants. For you to have the audacity to question why so many don’t like you just proves how arrogant and inhumane you really are. I look forward to the day that you reap what you have sown. P.S. The Giants winning the Super Bowl right after you left and then trashed them was the ultimate Bleep You. LMAO!

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