1-Day Fast Food Strike Hits Detroit

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  • DETROIT (AP) — Some workers at about 50 fast food restaurants in and around Detroit walked off their jobs as part of an effort to push for higher wages.

    The one-day protest starting about 6 a.m. Friday at a McDonald’s on Detroit’s eastside before being duplicated at other eateries.

    The Detroit area strike follows Thursday’s walkout by workers at more than 30 fast food restaurants in St. Louis. Similar strikes also have been staged at fast food chains in New York and Chicago.

    Workers want $15 an hour, better working conditions and the right to unionize, said Detroit pastor Charles Williams II, an organizer with Detroit’s D15 campaign.

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    2 thoughts on “1-Day Fast Food Strike Hits Detroit

    1. 15 or 20 dollars an hour flipping burgers? so whats the incentive of going to collage or trade school
      not to mention how many customers will you get when that Happy meal cost $12.95

    2. I know people need to be able to support their families financially, but I am curious to know how much these workers were expecting to make when they made this a career choice. They are regional managers, or owners. It’s only so much that they job pays. Dedication and hard work pays off. Our people fought to go to have a decent education and now young people don’t take advantage of it. Low wages are the result.

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