Moms We Love: Kym Whitley

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  • Adoptive mother to Joshua, 2, star of OWN reality show “Raising Whitley” airing on Saturdays at 10 p.m.

    It was extremely challenging but sometimes when you don’t know something’s coming, you don’t have time to prepare for or to think, you just do. I had my parents here so they helped me adjust. The thing was, I had to put this child first. Everything and everyone has to revolve around him. The adjustment was grow up real fast. Mature real fast. That was the biggest thing – I had to grow up overnight.

    There were some moments of fear in the beginning, taking on a human life. It wasn’t like I got a puppy. The moments when I cried weren’t “Omigod, I’m afraid.” I cried at the times when all mothers cry. Three o’clock in the morning, 5 o’clock in the morning. Every two hours when I had to feed him and I was exhausted. Not having the husband laying in the bed with me so he can get up and go get the baby. Times when I was feeding him and I’d fall asleep and he’d be sliding down my body.

    The times when I cried were when do I sleep, when do I take a shower, when can I go get my nails done? I need somebody just to hold me. Those were the moments and then there were the moments of joy.

    A young woman Kym mentored identified her to hospital officials as a person to care for the child she could not. Kym got a call and literally had an hour to decide if she wanted to take on a baby.

    I believe it has all been ordained by God. My parents said you are 107 years old, your eggs are on strike, it is time for you to make a commitment to something.You’ve been engaged a few times, what you gonna do?

    When God puts something in your lap, to feel honored that someone, even the child, would pick me as the mother, I think that was the decision. It was like getting a gift. It was like “Me, really?” [Before I had Joshua] I’d see people with kids and say “Whoo, better them than me! (Laughs).

    I would say stuff like being a mother is hard, what is all this talk? Look at them, they’re struggling, ha, ha! I always said I wanted a baby but I came from a traditional family.I thought I’d get the husband first.Then I thought I can do in-vitro, I can do this or that. Always just moving too fast and not stopping to smell the roses. What a baby will do for you is make you stop and smell the roses in life.

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