PepsiCo Agrees to Meet With Till Family, Sharpton

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — PepsiCo Inc. officials will meet Wednesday with members of Emmett Till‘s family and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

    Sharpton continued to press for the meeting last week after the company’s partnerships with Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator, of Odd Future to promote Mountain Dew sparked controversies.

    PepsiCo and Lil Wayne have since parted over creative differences after the rapper’s offensive lyrics related to the civil rights icon Till. The company also pulled a commercial directed by Tyler that angered anti-violence and civil rights advocates.

    The meeting to be held at PepisCo headquarters in Purchase comes as an outcry over offensive lyrics increases. Reebok recently ended its partnership with Rick Ross for similar reasons.

    Sharpton said last week that corporations have a civic responsibility when deciding who they partner with.

    (Photo: AP)

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    4 thoughts on “PepsiCo Agrees to Meet With Till Family, Sharpton

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