Mother & Infant Daughter ‘Bleed To Death On Road As Motorists Drive Past

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  • A mother and her daughter bled to death on a road in Jaipur, India after being hit by a truck and left to die, the Hindustan Times reports.

    A truck hit the family of four as they rode on a motorcycle in Jaipur Monday. They were going through a tunnel where motorcycles are not permitted. Though people illegally drive through the tunnel anyway to save time. Video of the accident shows the mother, Guddi Raigher, 26, lying motionless on the ground as her husband, Kanhaiyalal Raigher, begs passersby for help.

    Local police say the husband begged pedestrians and drivers for help for more than 40 minutes but no one offered assistance.

    Here is more on this story:

    The accident victims were attended to only when a staffer of a toll booth noticed the crying husband and his son inside the tunnel on a CCTV monitor.

    “Kanhaiya Lal along with his 26-year old wife Guddi, four-year- old son Tanish and eight-month-old Arushi was on his way to in-laws’ house in Luniawas village from their house in Thikariya village yesterday when a speeding truck hit their motorcycle 300 metres inside the tunnel,” police said on Monday.

    Guddi and Arushi were run over by the truck while Kanhaiya and Tanish received minor injuries.

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    3 thoughts on “Mother & Infant Daughter ‘Bleed To Death On Road As Motorists Drive Past

    1. Welcome to the world of politics. He should have just given a speech, walked away from the accident unarmed, and waited at home for his time to come again, one day. Lesson learned. Smoke more cigarettes. Hope.

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