Package Sent to Arpaio Could Have Injured, Killed

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“That’s the nature of the business,” he said.

Arpaio said whoever is responsible for mailing the package, if found, would be brought to justice.

“I’m not going to be intimidated by anyone, that’s a promise,” he said.

Following the killing of a West Virginia sheriff last week, Arpaio said elected law enforcement officials across the nation seem to be targeted.

Arpaio has had a security detail for years, and regularly receives threats. This week, the sheriff’s office said he had received threats from Mexican drug cartels which put a $4 million bounty on him and possibly dispatched a hit man to attack him.

The office distributed a list of 10 cases since mid-2011 where people threatened the sheriff, who is known for housing inmates in tents and forcing the men to wear pink underwear. Most involved people posting threats on the Internet or following routine arrests. Several suffered from a mental illness, and several people reportedly were prompted by Arpaio’s stance against illegal immigrations.

Sheridan said there’s no evidence linking the package found Thursday with a specific threat or cartels.

A campaign to recall Arpaio began just weeks after he started his sixth term in January.

Critics contend that Arpaio should be ousted because his office failed to adequately investigate more than 400 sex-crimes cases, allegedly racially profiled Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols and has cost the county $25 million in legal settlements over treatment in county jails.

Arpaio has denied that his deputies racially profiled Latinos in traffic patrols targeting illegal immigration. His office has moved to clear up the sex-crime cases and moved to prevent the problem from happening again, he said.

Sheridan and Arpaio both lashed out at the Department of Justice and immigrant activists who criticize him, saying they rile up people who are unstable and end up threatening Arpaio.

“I’m saying the tempo out there, about this sheriff, does cause people to do bad things,” Arpaio said.

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