George Zimmerman’s Mother Releases Letter to Public on 1-Year Anniversary of Son’s Arrest

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“My son has always told the truth and your trust is well-placed. The upcoming trial will not disappoint you.”

She is certain that the people will finally get to see the truth that attorneys have manipulated in the media and covered up in order to make her son appear as some sort of ”mythological monster.”

“The media, with the help of social media, made it their prerogative to judge and sentence George before and after his arrest,” she writes. “Even members of Congress and self-proclaimed “activists” used and routinely use to this day the term “murderer” when they speak of him – in effect they are re-enforcing the only acceptable judicial outcome in their eyes.”

If you want to read the letter in its entirety, read it here.  But, she makes it clear from the beginning of her letter:

“I am writing from my heart and with incalculable gratitude to our family members, dearest friends, and those we have not personally met but who have nonetheless offered their unwavering moral and spiritual support…If you read this letter with the hopes of finding material to mock or rebuke – please stop reading now, because this letter is not intended for you.”

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