Dr. Carson Withdraws From John Hopkins’ Commencement Ceremony [VIDEO]

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In a follow-up interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Carson claims that he was not equating the three things by using a perplexing fruit analogy:

“What I was basically saying and if anyone was offended, I apologize to you. What I was basically saying is there is no group. I wasn’t equating those things, I don’t think they’re equal. If you ask me for an apple and I give you an orange you would say, that’s not an orange. And I say, that’s a banana. And that’s not an apple either. Or a peach, that’s not an apple, either. It doesn’t mean that I’m equating the banana and the orange and the peach. In the same way I’m not equating those things.”

When Dr. Carson became aware of a widely circulated student petition requesting that he be uninvited as speaker for the commencement because of his remarks, despite the unwavering support of John Hopkins’ administration, he said that he didn’t want to rain on their day and if the students’ didn’t want him there, then he wouldn’t speak.

Well, it looks as if they got their wish.

Originally seen on NewsOne.com 

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