Tips on ‘Finding Your Man’

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    Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Natalie Clarice about her new reality show “Find Me My Man” on Oxygen.

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    One thought on “Tips on ‘Finding Your Man’

    1. I just finished listeing to Jacque Reid’s “finding a man” segment. Her guest spent almost the whole time talking about how fabulous,glorious, sexy, smart, brilliant, independant, career minded, and goal-orented they all are, and yet they are looking for a man? Gee, take a deep breath. You can tell when she first started as she repeated herself several times that she kinda already knew she was full of it. Give me a break. It sounds coming from her, they want everything except a man. Then she says ” dont settle” Setle for what? If you treat any man like a suspect as opposed to a prospect that is the real reason they are single. But they will never admit that. any brother that goes on this show deserves what he gets! Help yourself.

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