Little Known Black History Fact: David Langston Smyrl

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Smyrl moved forward to film after his work with “The Cosby Show.” He starred in “The Dream Keeper,” a documentary about poet Langston Hughes, as Jesse B. Simple. Later productions included “The Preacher’s Wife” opposite Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. During the mid 1980’s, Smyrl began working with PBS for “Voices and Visions.” By 1990 he was a regular on “Sesame Street” as Mr. Langston Handford.

Smyrl’s voice is recognized on many high-profile TV commercials, representing products for major companies such as Texaco, McDonalds, Pepsi, Coke, 501 Jeans, Canada Dry, Delta Airlines and GMC cars and trucks, to name a few. Aside from his voice-over work, Smyrl currently volunteers his time in schools, colleges and penal institutions, performing shows.

More information about David Smyrl and his upcoming performances can be found at

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One thought on “Little Known Black History Fact: David Langston Smyrl

  1. WOW ! who knew? There needs to be more positive exposure of black actors / actress / entertainers to general public. Stop flooding the media with the self hating blacks

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