Judge to Retire After Sending Racist Obama Email

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  • HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana’s chief federal judge will retire following an investigation into an email he forwarded that included a racist joke involving President Barack Obama.

    U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull had previously announced he would step down as chief circuit judge and take a reduced caseload, but he informed the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that he now intends to fully retire May 3.

    The appellate court posted a statement by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski on its website Tuesday announcing Cebull had submitted the retirement letter.

    The March 29 letter comes after the appellate court’s Judicial Council issued a March 15 order on the investigation into the February 2012 email.

    The council’s order will remain confidential during an appeal period, the statement said.

    A Cebull aide directed calls for comment to Clerk of Court Tyler Gilman, who said Wednesday that Cebull would not have any comment other than the court’s statement.

    He declined to release the resignation letter or describe what it said.

    Appellate Court spokesman David Madden did not return a call.

    Cebull wrote a letter of apology to Obama and filed a complaint against himself after The Great Falls Tribune published the contents of the email, which included a joke about bestiality and the president’s mother.

    The Billings judge forwarded the email from his chambers to six other people on Feb. 20, the newspaper reported.

    Two other groups also demanded an investigation, with one, the Montana Human Rights Network, starting an online petition calling for Cebull’s resignation.

    Kim Abbott, the network’s co-director, said Wednesday she was pleased with the announcement but hopes to see the results of the investigation.

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    7 thoughts on “Judge to Retire After Sending Racist Obama Email

    1. It’s disrespectful toward the President a beastiality commment, but beastiality and his mother. The President’s mother died many years ago and if I’m correct she died of cancer. I agree with DDavis this person gets to retire with full benefits that is so wrong. That’s why other countries disrespect the USA because of people like this “judge”.

    2. What I find disappointing is that he will retire with FULL salary and benefits. The people of the state will still be supporting him. I would feel better if he was fired and had to stand in the unemployment lines like the majority of African Americans today.

    3. Wow Pressident Obama contiues to have haters coming out of the woodwork
      And it just proves that ingnorance is rampant
      However no matter how many masses of haters that the president might have it still doesnt change the fact that he is the Comander and Chief of this Country so my advice to all of the ney sayers is to
      suck it up

    4. And his kind loves to point out that it’s more minorities incarcerated for crimes than non-minorities. Really? Do you really think minorities can get a fair judgement with people like him? And trust and believe there are many like him. However, we don’t need to help them by making bad choices either.

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