Seven Years Without Sex: Author Kenny Pugh Tells Why He Says ‘No’ to Sex

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Pugh is challenging single people to work on their spiritual and financial lives, pursue their dreams, and plan a productive life without sex.

So why is Pugh living a life of sexual abstinence?

Because after reflecting on his previous relationships with women over the years, women he hurt, women he wasn’t honest with, Pugh said he decided to live a more truthful life.

“I thought that if it was my sister, would I want her to have the same experiences and the answer was no,” Pugh said. “If my intentions are not serious, then I need to show some restraint in my life and not be distracted by sex.”

Pugh admits that his deliberate lifestyle of sexual abstinence is confounding because not all women want to date a man who is celibate.

Some women, Pugh said, even wonder if he’s gay.

“This journey is challenging,” Pugh said. “I have to deal with rejection because I won’t have sex with them. Some women have told  me they can’t operate like this and we’ve gone our separate ways.”

But sex before marriage, Pugh says, “has created a cycle of failed relationships.”

Meanwhile, Pugh says the response to his new book has been “overwhelmingly positive” because he believes that people generally want to do the right thing.

“I realize that everyone will not align themselves with my way of thinking, but I’m just putting the message out there,” he said.

So single women: How important is sex in your relationships? And single men: Would you adopt Pugh’s philosophy and abstain from sex until marriage?

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