Vigil For Brooklyn Teen Killed By NYPD Turns Into Fiery Protest

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Another Twitter user who is apparently at the site said that the riot ‘sounds like a war zone.’

Twitter reacts:

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4 thoughts on “Vigil For Brooklyn Teen Killed By NYPD Turns Into Fiery Protest

  1. Lets see, he had a gun, he pointed it at the officers, they shot him and now teens are rioting. I guess the police need to be shot first and then return fire. I dont know all the facts nor do the rest of you. But I do question why he had a gun. I dont give any truth to the boys friends statements about him crying for help and pleading for them to stop shooting the suspect. Lets see in Chicago a 6 month old baby was shot 4 times by gang bangers and killed, how about some protesting and anger. Its ok and I am a black man so i can say this, we allow black men to kill each other in record numbers day in and day out and no one protests no anger is displayed but let a cop or a white male kill a black man and now we want to riot. No excuse for it our leaders are nothing but pimps pushing b/s and for some reason we seem to accept it.

  2. How bout instead of threatening to riot, we teach our fucking kids A. Not to obtain illegal fire arms, and more importantly, B. not to point illegal firearms at the police?!!!!!!! We live in a world where everyone loves to place responsibility on all but themselves.

  3. Was he really reaching for his gun? And if he was, why? And why, if he was armed and reaching for a gun, are people threatening to riot? Why did the officers approach him? A lot is missing from this story. How sad. I pray for his family.

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