Shake Well Before Using

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Third, The Onion ―the online, allegedly-humorous magazine that apparently smells just like its name ―for their recent and vile attack on nine-year old Oscar nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis and their subsequent apology wasn’t much better.  Go on…Shake ‘em like an Etch-a-Sketch!

And finally, the editors of Bloomberg Business Week, for running buffoonish and racially offensive cover images of African Americans and Latinos on their recent edition called “The Great American Housing Rebound.”

The offensive cover insinuates that greedy homeowners of color are somehow greatly profiting from a housing sector recovery.  You can shake AND stir this one by going to the Bloomberg Business Week site at , hitting the “Feedback” link at the bottom of the page, and demanding an apology, unlike the insincere one they’ve offered thus far.

I’ll close with this from revivalist Vance Havner:

“Sometimes your medicine bottle has on it, ‘Shake well before using.’ That is what God has to do with some of His people. He has to shake them well before they are ever usable.”

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