Brooklyn Man Wins $14,000 Settlement After Illegal Stop-And-Frisk

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  • Brooklyn resident Jurard St. Hillaire recently won a $14,000 settlement from his city, after surveillance video proved he was illegally stopped and frisked last June, according to the New York Daily News.

    In the video, Officer Leonard Clarke is seen roughly forcing Hillaire against a building in the borough’s Flatbush neighborhood, after the 21-year-old recorded Clarke pulling over a car. After frisking Hillaire, Clarke eventually lets him go.

    St. Hillaire later claimed that Clarke slammed his head against the wall repeatedly, but that wasn’t captured on video.

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    2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Man Wins $14,000 Settlement After Illegal Stop-And-Frisk

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    2. That looks crazy was he a undercover cop or something? I didn’t even see him identify his self. They can keep this crap up if they want to let’s see how deep NYC pockets are.People need to sue them

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