Ted Nugent Claims He’s Black America’s Friend and Obama is the Enemy

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“With all this unbelievable negative information, what is more unbelievable is that black Americans continue to support Democratic politicians who have raped and plundered black America forever,” Nugent wrote, adding that blacks seem to be the only ones unaware of how the Democrats have “engineered” the destruction of “black America.”

“I don’t celebrate Black History Month. I celebrate it every day, as my very black-inspired musical dreams could not have been successful were it not for black Americans,” the musician added, citing Bo Diddly, James Brown, BB King, and others as some of his biggest influences in life and music.

By the way, Nugent wrapped up his column by revealing this gem: he plans to name his 2013 tour: Ted Nugent Black Power 2013. “Say it loud: my music is black and I’m proud!”


(Photo: AP)

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