NY Man Dubbed No. 1 Deadbeat Parent Pleads Guilty

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Sand faces up to four years in prison when he is sentenced in May.

“Neither court orders nor the familial bond meant anything to him as he fled to avoid his obligations,” U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

The two mothers of Sand’s three children were not in the courtroom for Thursday’s proceeding, but Obedin has said he has contacted them and claimed their priority is for Sand to be free to earn a living so he can repay his debt. As part of the plea agreement, Sand is required to make full restitution. He waived his right to appeal the guilty plea.

Obedin said Sand has worked in the past as a car salesman and has an offer to work in that field when he is released.

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2 thoughts on “NY Man Dubbed No. 1 Deadbeat Parent Pleads Guilty

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  2. You can add Mr. Ronald LeFlore, ex-Tiger baseball playe to your list of unpaid dad’s. It took the courts 20 years to get him to pay. And he still not paiding child support. Year after year he just stop paying, it has been sent Oct 2012. I just do not understand who is running the courts for child support in Michigan the man with the money or what.

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