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We loved this tall Texan on “True Blood” despite the ridiculous moniker Eggs he had on the show. But his body was ridiculous too, and on full view with all the intense love scenes he did. Brooks, 32, now plays troubled football player Terrence “T.K.” King on “Necessary Roughness,” and fortunately that requires him to be shirtless or in tight uniform pants a lot of the time. We don’t think there should be any penalties for that! Now that he and Robbie Jones are rivals on the show, we tune in every week.

This gladiator was making it hot back when he was in “Stomp the Yard.” We knew he was on the come-up then and we were right. Now he’s wearing the white hat at Olivia Pope and Associates every Thursday night and earning himself a legion of fans along the way that love his loyalty to Ms. Pope. “Scandal” show creator ShondaRhimes says that Short’s back story will be revealed soon, and she says it’s gonna be good. We can’t wait. Unfortunately, our sources found out that in real life, Short is married! With kids. Sigh. (And before you ask, since he was once linked to Britney Spears, his wife is indeed African-American.) “Scandal” is on Thursdays at 10 p.m., like you don’t already know.

Yes, he’s hooked up with Selita Ebanks, but he hasn’t put a ring on it yet, has he? He may still have a baby face at 30, but TJ is a hustler. He’s gone from BET audition reject to BET audition host to movie star to E! News host in what seems like 5 minutes. If he and Ebanks don’t go the distance, you’d better believe someone’s going to be there waiting to step up, why shouldn’t it be you? Catch Terrence  -everywhere it seems  – but for sure weekdays on E! News at 7 and 11:30 p.m.

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