Lawyer Convicted Of Killing Ex-NBA Player’s Ex-Girlfriend, Daughter

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“I’m feeling elated. I can breathe,” she said. “I feel justice has been served.”

Yolan Henry testified that she found her surviving grandson, Noah, with the bodies of his sister and mother, and that he told her, “Fredrick did it.”

Attorneys for Goings maintained that he was innocent and said there was no physical evidence linking him to the killings.

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3 thoughts on “Lawyer Convicted Of Killing Ex-NBA Player’s Ex-Girlfriend, Daughter

  1. Lol! Now I’m really sorry about the baby, real sorry. But the mother had it coming! She obviously took up with this lawyer to forego paying for the proceedings against her ex. He thought he was going to share in that child support windfall, but once he finished all of the work on it, she didn’t need him no more and moved out! So seeing he got played like a sucka’ he fixed it so she would never benefit from her newfound wealth!haha! I’m only sorry for the baby. But this is what happens when we use children in our adult games! Like her getting pregnant in the first place to try an trap her an NBA player! Ha! Serves her right!

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