Heart Attack Grill’s Unofficial Spokesman Dies from Heart Attack

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Customers weighing over 350-pounds are inviting to eat free only after stepping on a scale in front of the entire restaurant.

“If I set the mark at 300, I would go broke. Everyone in the room is 300,” Basso said. “They need to know right now if they are eating this way they are going to end up in the hospital.”

Basso is fully aware of the dangerous implications of his menu.

“I absolutely think the food I’m serving is unsafe,” he said. “The only way what I’m doing would be immoral would be if I were to market it as healthy by throwing a cute little side salad on the menu. The Heart Attack Grill is the most moral restaurant on the planet Earth because we are absolutely here to make a statement about obesity, about coronary issues, about death and dying and all those things that are prevalent in society.”

Basso said Alleman worked as a night watchman for a skyscraper under construction and would order the same thing every day:  the “Single Bypass” burger with Friday and a drink.

“He literally was there every day,” he said. “He was definitely one of the boys and so much one of the boys that half the time it seemed like he was running the place.”

(Photo: AP)

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