Did the Grammys Rock?

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  • In the last few years, the Grammy Awards have been upstaged by the drama preceding them – from Chris Brown’s 2009 beating of his girlfriend Rihanna to last year’s tragic death of Whitney Houston the night before. This year, no such drama happened beforehand and what went on during the show itself was pretty tame. That might have been due to the now infamous memo CBS issued to artists presenting or performing on the show that established a new dress code that included no visible “butt cheeks” or “side boobs.” Here’s what did stand out on music’s biggest night.

    LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT IN FASHION: Jennifer Lopez, who took the memo seriously but still managed to look sexy as all hell by showing off one well-toned leg in a one-shouldered black dress slit almost to the panty line.

    DAPPER RAPPERS: Nas, Wale, Nelly, Meek Mill and John Legend all came dapper. Maybe they took the memo seriously but hip-hop and R&B surely came clean. But we give the edge to Trey Songz who walked the red carpet in a nicely tailored black suit that recalled the good old days of Motown’s well-dressed acts. Has hip-hop and R&B grown up?

    DASHING DUO: While we liked LL and his wife Simone, we give the win to Jay-Z and Beyonce if only because she went against her usual divalicious gown and rocked a geometric black and white top with black pants and a ponytail.

    JAH LOVE: Rihanna, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley and Bruno Mars did the Bob Marley tribute, which was one of the better performances of the night; they did Marley’s “Could You Be Loved.”

    BEST THROWBACK: Justin Timberlake with full orchestra and black and white broadcast doing “Suit and Tie.” Watch out, Robin Thicke.

    SWAG AWARD: Jay-Z sat most of the night with a snifter, then put it down, went on stage, rapped with Justin Timberlake and sat back down with his wife afterwards.

    BEST CHANGEUP: LL went from host to artist performing “Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked)” with Public Enemy frontman, Tom Morello and Travis Barker.

    CRAZY LOVE 2013: Four years ago, Chris Brown was arrested for beating up Rihanna the night before the Grammys. Cut to 2013 and the two attended the show together, seated in the front row. But let’s not forget TLC rapper Lisa Lopes and NFL star Andre Rison stayed together for years after she burned down his Atlanta mansion after a domestic dispute.

    LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN: Mavis Staples performed “The Weight” with Britney Howard of the Alabama Shakes and Elton John blowing most of the stage and just about all the other singers away during her part of the performance.

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    5 thoughts on “Did the Grammys Rock?

    1. I stopped watching this mess years ago so I don’t know about who wore what half of the music and the people nominated I don’t know nor do I care to know them. They are a group of peole full of no talent idiots and the sad part about this is that pople have began to acept sorry music in place of REAL music and them award them for this crap. I read book more now than listening to so called music. These fools can get up and just start singing anything and people seem to buy it. What a waste of time and energy.All these singers do is sing anthems and keep repeating the same thing over and over and call it a CD WTH?????? The grammys can continue to reward lackluster music and performances i don’t care but I will not watch and I’m sure they don’t care!

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    3. I will say the Grammys DID rock. But, there were some drawbacks. First, the pairing of Ellen DeGeneres and Beyonce was “weird” Beyonce seemed uncomfortable. And Ellen DeGeneres looked like she wanted to make a lesbian move on Beyonce very badly.Also, the Academy did something very contrived that I don’t think folks caught or talked about. But, I did. They created a brand new award category called Urban Contempary…something or other. Then, they place 3 competing artists in this category, Chris Brown, another artist and Frank Ocean. Then, they award it to Frank Ocean. This was a direct “diss” to Chris Brown. It was contrived—-a hater move. The Academy really stooped that time. The Academy should stop “promoting” Gay and go with the flow.

    4. I am sure that there were plenty of viewers besides me who noticed Rihanna with that silvery two-piece outfit she had on while presenting on stage that caused the fashion censors to sweat whenever she stretched and the top (or I should say: “lower section bottom”) revealed a dark-winged bird tattoo under both of her “breasties”.

    5. No the grammy’s did not rock,, IT was a WHACKED OUT,, everything was messed up .. PLease
      what happen to the tribute to whitney houston,, I really didnt watch that much, kept flipping back and forth,, now alicia keys singing with some group I never heard of,, she sounded white ,, as she song with them, so NO NO!,, the grammy’s was a mess,,, Rhianna, song she cannot sing anyway,
      so I won’t be watching or flipping back and forth,,,, so sick of Jay-Z, winning he cannot rap anyway,
      YOu guys can do better,,,,

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