Levar Burton: ‘Django Is A Fantasy. It’s Not History’

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  • Lavar Burton contributed, perhaps, the most salient commentary on “Django Unchained” any celebrity of note has made when asked about the film while in New York this week.

    Burton was in town for the taping of “Pioneers of Television“–which includes an installment focusing on “Roots”–when a TMZ photographer caught up with him. The interview got off to a somewhat awkward start when the photographer suggested that Jamie Foxx, as “Django,” and Burton, as Kunta Kinte,”played the two most famous fictional slaves in history–a remark that did not bode particularly well with the Roots actor.

    “Is that a compliment?,” Burton asked.

    “I think so,” the photographer answered gingerly.

    Burton laughed off the comment but the photographer then mentioned that, while many people grew up on Roots, the younger generation is raving about Django Unchained. Putting the debate to rest, Burton explained the difference between the Emmy Award-winning television mini-series and the Academy Award-nominated Tarantino film.

    “Well, here is what I want folks to understand: Django is a fantasy. It’s not history. Roots is history.”

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    3 thoughts on “Levar Burton: ‘Django Is A Fantasy. It’s Not History’

    1. Very disappointed that Tarantino saw Roots as oversimplified and that it didn’t ring true for him. Being from the south, I remember my grandmother (born in 1902) saying that she also thought that what her father said was just a story until some of the atrocities in Roots were acted out that he spoke of. Django left me asking what happened after they rode off into the night…most likely lynched. That is our reality, Mr. Tarantino.

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