Kerry Washington: “I Would Not Have Done ‘Scandal’ If President Were Black” [VIDEO]

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  • Kerry WashingtonIn the latest issue of “Ebony,” Hollywood’s latest “It Girl,” Kerry Washington, who graces the cover, says that she would have passed on the role of Olivia Pope if the White, married president that she has a steamy affair with on the show had been Black.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know that ABC’s Scandal is the break out hit of the season and Washington is riding high off the success of both the television series and the most controversial movie of 2012, Django Unchained.

    Still, she — or rather her Scandal character Olivia– is not beloved by all.

    Most recently, Washington has taken heat for guilty-pleasure affair with the fictitious President of the United States, from none other than Star Jones, who voiced her concern with the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes:

    To which Rhimes responded:

    The scandalous nature of her relationship with the POTUS on the show does not escape Washington, who says that is exactly why she would have passed on the role if the character were played by a Black man.

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    6 thoughts on “Kerry Washington: “I Would Not Have Done ‘Scandal’ If President Were Black” [VIDEO]

    1. It’s a show, acting gosh I guess the cranky people don’t want anything good on tv. People take things to heart way too much. I love the show can’t wait til it comes on.

    2. Enough is enough , really regardless on the what if’s . Black or WHITE, it’s not a good look for a Black woman fiction or fact. It just amazes me the (Scanadlous) roles some will accept to get one step ahead , to take steps back ! SMH

    3. Black television viewers have the ability to seperate fact from fiction. But if Kerry felt like the show would have hit too close to home if the president had been black, the producers could insert a disclaimer prior to each episode. Law & Order did. The viewers will have to keep watching to see if Kerry’s character ends up with the president or whether she is content with being the other woman. Yeah, that’s right, can always just sweat the sheets and send him back home whimpering like a puppy.

      • I wonder if the show would be as popular with whites (or in general as it is) if the president were black AND Olivia is black. You know whites can’t take too many blacks on a popular prime time show!! Just a thought.

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