Fla. Judge: No Trial Delay in Trayvon Martin Case

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Regarding the denial for a postponement, Nelson specifically noted that both the defense and prosecution said during a status hearing in late October that they could be ready by June.

But O’Mara said he never made that agreement about the June date last year and that without the delay and with a dwindling defense fund for Zimmerman, it would be difficult to secure the expert witnesses it wants to properly defend his client

“The only argument is that we need more time,” O’Mara told the judge. “My defendant has the right to a fair trial and a rigorous defense.”

O’Mara recently renewed his overtures to the public to donate more money for Zimmerman, writing on the defense’s website that his fund has raised more than $314,000 since he was charged. But of that amount, $95,000 was spent on bail, almost $62,000 was spent on Zimmerman’s living expenses during the past eight months and $56,100 was spent on security.

The pricey living expenses were the result of Zimmerman having to stay at extended-stay hotels until he could find a place to rent after his bail conditions were changed to restrict him to the Seminole County, Fla., jurisdiction of the shooting.

The defense did make some headway on a few of its other outstanding pretrial requests on evidence.

The judge is allowing a limited phone deposition with a woman known only as “Witness 8.” The state says she is a teen with whom Martin was talking at the moment he encountered Zimmerman. Her testimony will likely be pivotal in the upcoming trial.

The defense is trying to obtain the names of her Twitter and Facebook social media accounts so that they can serve subpoenas to those companies.

The prosecution must also supply the defense a chain of custody, a list of tests performance and any reports generated when prosecutors sent Martin’s cell phone to California to get help unlocking it for analysis.

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