Zimmerman Wants to Delay Trayvon Trial

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  • This trial for the killer of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin could be delayed even further.

    It’ll be almost a year ago that the black teen was walking home on a dark evening in Stafford, Fla and was fatally shot.

    George Zimmerman is the gunman, a neighborhood watchman who initially claimed he was defending himself, despite orders from police for him to stay indoors until authorities arrived.

    The defense asked the court for an extension to better prepare for the case, claiming prosecutors have been slow to turn over evidence.

    In the meantime, Zimmerman is still collecting donations for his defense fund.

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    3 thoughts on “Zimmerman Wants to Delay Trayvon Trial

    1. His lawyer knows exactly what he is doing. Delay the trial long enough so that if he’s found gulity he will get off with time served and his lawyer continues to collect the money being donated in the meantime. That’s whitey’s tricks for you!

    2. this is really a shame, how george zimmerman, trial is delayed, he is still collecting money on his website, I have no idea, whats, going on with these judges, and prosecutors, if george zimmerman
      killed a white boy, he would never have a delayed trial,, this is just so ridiculous, I cannot believe
      it has been a year, and this man’s trial has not got Under-way,, what is the hold up,, oh that’s right
      everybody thinks he is innocent, Oh I forgot the stand your ground law,, now another teen has been
      killed by some crazy white man, who thought, his life was in danger, because the music was to loud
      in the teens car, and he got out of his vehicle and shot through there car,, how was he in danger,
      what is happening, there in florida, they can just kill are young black teens and go on with there lives
      the law needs to be changed,, and I know whoever made up this law, had to be a white man,,,
      I mean this so sad, it is Ignorant, the these judges and Prosecutors ,, are not harder on these people who are going around pretending like there some kind of killing squads.. please pray for this law to be changed or totally removed,

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