African Men Tattooing Their Bottom Lips Pink To Attract Women

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  • tattoo-pink-lipsWomen are always flocking to the latest beauty craze to make themselves appear more beautiful. From concrete butt implants to miles and miles of sewn in tresses and butterfly-inspired eyelashes, there are no limits to how far we’ll go for beauty standards set by some invisible chauvinistic man who’s never had to don a pair of painfully perfect stilettos. The latest craze doesn’t even appeal to women! Men–yes ladies, our counterparts are tattooing their bottom lips pink to attract women!

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    A Nigerian website,, has released a video detailing the peculiar tattooed beauty trend. “We help dudes out who have black lips. We clean up their lips to make them pink lips,” says the tattoo artist in the video as he scribbles the Nicki-Minaj inspired tint to his African customer’s lips.

    I don’t know about this one guys. I’ve heard of tattooing various things like eyebrows, eyeliner and the like, but your lips? Would you want your pout to be permanently pink?

    Check Out The Video Below:

    What do you think about African men tattooing their lips pink? Let’s chat on Twitter @HB_DaniYoung.

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    3 thoughts on “African Men Tattooing Their Bottom Lips Pink To Attract Women

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