First Class

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Some people take their cues from women on reality TV; others take their cues from women like Michelle Obama. She’s a mother and a wife who sacrificed her own career ambitions to hold down her husband and support his dreams all the way to the White House. Obama, 49, has taken to the role of First Lady by providing service to military families and promoting healthy eating and exercise to counter the growing problem of childhood obesity. Oh, and she dresses fabulously too, and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most stylish First Ladies ever. To those who say she’s no Jackie Kennedy, we agree. She’s her own woman creating her own act to follow and we appreciate her.


Maybe it’s because she’s refreshingly down to earth that Regina King seems to fly under the radar of the top Black actresses. Though she had memorable roles in both “Ray” and in “Jerry Maguire” and is currently starring on the TNT cop drama “Southland,” King, 42, is not as photographed or as talked about as others. But maybe that’s why she’s so classy. She just goes in, does her job to the fullest extent and keeps herself out of the tabloids and off Twitter and the blogs despite quietly dating actor Malcolm Jamal-Warner. We want to give King her well-deserved props if no one else does.


Quick. Think of a female musician who everyone agrees is the poster girl for class, mystery and style. Did Sade come to mind? Yup, we thought so. Who else can take a break for over a decade and come back as though she’d never been away and then mysteriously disappear again? Who else has stayed away from the excesses and turmoil so many other female singers go through and still make great music? Who else barely looks like she’s aged in 20 years, though she’s now 54? Not only do we love Sade’s music and her timeless style, we love how she’s managed to do the music business her way on her time.

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